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Gasket & Seal Manufacturer for all Industries

Industrial Gasket Products & Services

Universal Gaskets is focused on providing sealing solutions to all industries. We manufacture gaskets and shapes from most base materials and provide other sealing solutions and services.

We keep stock of most gasket and sealing materials to allow us to offer short delivery lead times of manufactured products.

Universal Gaskets employs a variety of manual and computer controlled hydraulic and mechanical presses to manufacture gaskets, seals and other shapes using compound punch, steeled frame and ring tool dies as appropriate for the finished product.

Once-off short run orders do not normally justify the expense of designing and making dedicated tools. We use CNC machines to cut once-off short run orders to contain costs and keep our prices competitive.

Our in-house tool room designs, fabricates and maintains our tools ensuring we can provide innovative tooling solutions to minimize costs and manufacturing times. The tool room maintains our tools in a premium condition to ensure they produce a first class product.

Over the last forty years we have accumulated tooling to manufacture a wide range of products, including:

  • A full range of British, German, North American, Japanese and Australian standard full face and ring face pipe flange gaskets
  • Specialized full face and ring face pipe flange gaskets to suit specific equipment
  • Shapes manufactured to our customers’ specific requirements
  • An extensive range of washers and rings.

Our tool room makes tools from CAD files, samples, templates, drawings or using the machine element to be sealed.

We make to order:

  • Flange isolation kits
  • Compression packing sets to customers specifications
  • Flange gasket and bolt sets
  • Conveyor skirts and dust curtains