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Gasket Rings and O-Rings

At Universal Gaskets, we have produced a high quality range of gaskets, including gasket rings, and seals for well over forty five years. You can rely on us to provide you with a-grade gasket rings and o-rings that are in line with your individual needs.

Fast Delivery Times

Universal Gaskets has procured gaskets from many preferred suppliers for decades and we maintain a strong mutually beneficial relationship with them. Many of our suppliers deliver within 24 hours after receipt of order and in the event we have a stock-out we are still able to maintain our short delivery lead-times

Contact Your Trusted Gasket Rings Suppliers

As well as gasket rings, custom gaskets and seals, we can supply metal washers and compression packing for all types of industries. Universal Gaskets are your go-to when it comes to all things related to gaskets. Contact our team today to talk about your options or, for a quote on our services.