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With over 45 years experience, Universal Gaskets knows exactly what it takes to provide the very best products & service. We distribute spiral wound gaskets all over the world.No matter how big or small the job we work with you to get the products there on time so if you are needing a spiral wound gasket then call our team today.

Spiral Wound Gasket Uses

Spiral Wound Gaskets are one of the best all-around seals, offering a low-cost solution that combines fire resistance and the ability to handle temperature and pressure fluctuations. Multiple wraps of metal and filler in the spiral create barriers that reduce the possibility of leaks. Widely used throughout refineries and chemical processing plants, spiral wound gaskets are also effective for power generation, aerospace, and a variety of valve and specialty applications.

Spiral Wound Gasket Options

A spiral gasket can be made to almost any dimensions required, and with combinations of different fillers. You may require different chemical compatibility and temperature requirements, a selection from filler materials include ceramic (-350°F to 2000°F), flexible graphite (-350°F to 850°F), PTFE (-400°F to 500°F), mica graphite (-350°F to 600°F).

Some have found this new gasket sheet replaces spiral wound gaskets, removing the spiral leak path and by eliminating the need for a compression ring (to prevent crushing).

Spiral Wound Gasket

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Universal Gaskets have produced a high quality range of gaskets and seals for over forty five years. As well as custom gaskets and seals, we can supply metal washers and compression packing for all types of industries.

We are a volume distributor for Spiral Wound Gaskets, contact us today to talk about your options or any related services. Our friendly team at Universal Gaskets is ready to take your call and assist you in making the correct spiral wound gasket selection for your application.