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To order a gasket you will need to:

  • Identify the shape you need to fit the equipment you are servicing
  • Select a material suitable for the operating conditions and fluid to be contained
  • Specify the thickness of the material to suit the condition of the surfaces to be sealed.
  • Submit your request to confirm the price

Identify Shape

To assist you with ordering a gasket please access our shape library with the search function and once having identified a shape, note the catalogue number. If we do not have the shape you require, please provide us with a sample or dimensioned drawing and we will prepare a file for our CNC equipment and/or make up a tool free of charge.

Select Material

After you have identified the shape you require you need to select the material. If you are not sure what material you should use please contact our staff for a recommendation. You will need to advise us what fluids the gasket will contain and the temperature and pressure range it will experience.

Specify Material Thickness

Thinner is better however if the flange face is rough or not flat you will need a thicker material to allow more compression of the gasket material so that it will deform to the surface imperfections of the flange.

Confirm Price

Now you have identified the shape, selected the material and specified the material thickness you are ready to order. Either request a quotation or alternatively place an order and we will confirm your order with a price and delivery date by return facsimile or email. This is facilitated by pressing the ‘Contact Us‘ button below to send an email or alternatively, phone through or facsimile your order to us.

IMPORTANT: For the purpose of the search the dimension required is the largest diameter or diagonal of the shape.

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