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Natural Rubber Insertion Gaskets

Universal Gaskets stocks rubber insertion gaskets that comply with the dimensions of AS 2129.

There are several grades of insertion rubber on the Australian market sourced from various countries and the quality and price range is large. Universal Gaskets uses the highest quality insertion rubber that we can source.

Natural rubber insertion gaskets are not a universal seal that can be used in any situation.

Installers should be aware that natural rubber insertion gaskets:

  • Are not approved for potable water
  • Are not suitable for operating temperatures above 70 degrees centigrade
  • Should not be warranted to seal above 0.75MPa pressure and should never be used above 1Mpa
  • Should never be used in situations where they are hard to replace, for instance under concrete
  • Should not be used if exposed to UV for extended periods
  • Should not be exposed to oil, grease or petroleum products and many other organic and inorganic chemicals

Please consult your supplier if in doubt.