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Compression Packing


Carbon and Graphite Packings are inert to most chemicals and have low frictional coefficients as well as being capable of being used in both cryogenic and high temperature applications.
Carbon and Graphite packing yarns are commonly coated with PTFE, colloidal graphite, or other coatings to aid in material handling, braiding and to meet the sealing requirements of specific packing applications.



PTFE fibers have a high resistance to chemical attack in both acidic and caustic applications.
Packings braided from PTFE fibers offer outstanding performance in highly corrosive environments as well as under less severe operating conditions.
They have a low coefficient of friction and high compressive strength.
These packings are available in virgin grades, lubricated and graphite filled versions as well as in expanded form.



Araid fiber packing is braided from high quality Dupont aramid fiber with PTFE impregnated and lubricant additive. It shows good chemical resistance, high elasticity and very low cold flow. It can resist severe media and higher pressure. The packing is lubricated with silicone based compound for quick and easy break-in.
Aramid fiber packing with insert lubricant Without impregnation is an extremely durable, highly abrasive resistant packing. It is ideal for slurry service application.



Nomex fiber packing braided from high quality Dupont Nomex yarns with PTFE impregnation and lubricant additive. High cross-sectional density and structural strength.


Carbonised Fibre

Carbon fiber packing that will help control maintenance costs, without compromising performance in rotational equipment. Manufactured from high purity carbon yarn (95% carbon assay), thoroughly impregnated with PTFE by a proprietary process to ensure optimal sealing and resulting in a non-contaminating packing. A break-in lube is also applied.



Ramie packing with silicone rubber core
Rubber core can absorb vibration, to control leakage, suitable for worn-out pumps.



Constructed from a traditional Flax fibre and liberally impregnated with PTFE and mineral lubricants.
As Flax yarns are particularly strong and have good resistance to water rot, this packing is suitable for centrifugal and reciprocating pumps handling slimes and slurries which are mildly corrosive.
A preferred Stern tube packing within the Klinger range of compression packing.
A general, and in some cases specialist, valve and pump packing in the Pulp & Paper, Mining, Marine, Agriculture, Sugar and Water industries.



Cotton packing with PTFE impregnation
Made from long cotton fibre yarn impregnated with PTFE and additives. Has low coefficient of friction and resilient and flexible,



Acrylic yarn and PTFE lubricant
Its low coefficient of friction ensures easy operation and actuation of any valve or pump, without detrimental stem or shaft wear
The PTFE dispersion improves the chemical resistance of acrylic fibre allowing it to effectively seal the majority of chemical media commonly found within today’s industrial environments.
Acrylic yarn and graphite dispersion
The additional graphite dispersion and oil provide excellent start-up lubrication and long-term heat transfer away from the shaft and packing , therefore increasing life.
Copes with higher temperature, greater pump speed and pressure capability than similar PTFE versions due to the use of graphite and oil lubrication.
Well suited to a broad range of valve and pump duties where the use of a non-contaminating packing is not important.



High performance packing that is well suited to applications where graphite impregnation may not be acceptable. Suitable for abrasive media, and where contamination is not permitted. Used in chemical plants and pulp and paper mills, rotating and reciprocating pumps, washer journals, liquor pumps, refiners.



Fiber Packing with Rubber Core
Rubber core can absorb vibration, to control leakage, suitable for worn-out pumps.



Glass Yarn braided into square packing for use on Static/door seals in steam boilers, reformers, furnaces, kilns, brick car damper seals, radiant tube packing for heat treat furnaces, thermo couple tubes in heat exchangers, insulation of pipelines, exhausts and pipeline expansions joints.
High temperature valves packing for air, flue gas, and many other applications.

Compression Packing: Products
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