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How to Measure a Gasket

Flange Gaskets

how to measure round gaskets.png

Rectangular Gaskets

how to measure rectangular gaskets.png
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Charts and Graph of Standard Gaskets

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Flange Dimension Table

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Flange Tightening Procedure

Tightening bolts up may seem trivial but certain patterns and a number of passes are necessary to help ensure the life expectancy of a gasket. Bolts should be damage free and well lubricated. Once the gasket is in place between the two surfaces to be sealed, insert the bolts and ‘finger-tight’ secure them. Next, tighten the bolts in the patterns shown below (ascending order). Keep in mind that it is best to completely secure the bolts over three to four passes, in those patterns. In the last pass, the bolts must only be tightened clockwise.

tighten-flange-procedure 1_edited.jpg
tighten-flange-procedure 1_edited.jpg
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