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Flange Isolation Kits

Universal Gaskets manufactures and stocks an extensive range Flange and Bolt Insolation products.

Flanges, the most common trouble area, need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage and must also be cathodically insulated to prevent stray currents which cause undo corrosion and eventual breakdown of the metal.

A flange is typically insulated for cathodic protection reasons. Insulating the flange requires that no metal to metal contact occurs between the two flanges, this includes between the bolts. Insulating sleeves and washers are used on the bolts that prevents this contact.

Isolating products are used to guarantee the safe flow of fluids passing through pipeline transmission, distribution and process piping systems.

Flange and Bolt Insulation products are the most widely used form of controlling losses due to corrosion. They can be used to control stray electric currents in piping at oil, gas, water, refinery, and chemical plants, to increase the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems and confine or eliminate electrolytic corrosion.

Universal Gaskets can supply various sizes and types of insulating gaskets and complete gasket kits to suit any pressure or product requirements They are available in variety of materials.

  • Polyester sleeves and Washers

  • Epoxy Glass Sleeves and Washers

  • Mica Sleeves and Washers

  • Fabric Laminate Sleeves and Washers

  • High Temperature and Fire Safe Kits

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Flange Isolation Kits: Product
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