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About Us

Our Background

Since 1941 Universal Gaskets has manufactured high quality pipe flange gaskets, electrical isolation kits, diaphragms, heat and electrical shields, seals, spacers, packers, slip pads, filters, metal and non metallic washers and other shapes for industry. We also stock a variety of seals and pump packings.

Our customers are manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers in many industries including transport, water & waste water treatment, power generation & distribution, oil & gas processing, industrial maintenance, hardware, healthcare, electrical, electronics, air conditioning, mining, defence, consumer goods, and many others. We sell nationally and export to Oceania, SE Asia, China and India.

We manufacture to order however we offer short delivery times as we have a wide variety of machine tools and tooling and we keep an extensive range of materials in stock. In an emergency we can design and make a tool, if necessary, to deliver product within hours.

We procure our base materials and sell our products nationally and internationally. We prefer to source our materials locally; however where we have sufficient volume and/or where we cannot find a reliable supplier, we procure materials globally.

Universal Gaskets have produced a high quality range of gaskets and seals for over forty five years. As well as custom gaskets and seals, we can supply metal washers and compression packing for all types of industries.

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Our Team

Phil Jones – Director
Phil became a director of Universal Gaskets in 2004. He is a Mechanical Engineer and a Master of Business Administration. His experience includes manufacturing, construction, sales and marketing, management consulting, industrial maintenance, operations and venture capital.
Mary Degnan - National Sales
Mary has been with the company for 3 years now. Mary is excellent at developing customer relationships, Identifying new market targets and finding the right solution for the customer. Mary has over  years of industry experience and is a wealth of knowledge.
Nikita Cranch - Business Development Executive
Nikita has recently joined the company but has an incredible amount of experience in many areas of industrial supply. She specialises in marketing and design. Nikita is a very passionate person with an eye for detail. She is keen to learns all aspects of the business and we look forward to her journey with us.
Nigel Lynn – Sales and Operations
Nigel has worked with Universal Gaskets since graduating from Sydney University in 1996 where he earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechatronics. Nigel has extensive experience in production and sales. In his current role Nigel is focused on customer support, job design and improvement initiatives.
Tamara Muir - Internal Sales
Tamara is our youngest employee with a bright future ahead of her. Tamara handles incoming enquiries by phone and email, processes orders and helps out wherever she can. Tamara is learning other processes in the factory and tries to be as helpful as she can. She has excellent customer service skills and works diligently to complete tasks as quickly as possible.
Mohsen Nasersarrafha – Production Manager
Moshen joined Universal Gaskets in 2005 when, the previous production manager retired. Moshen is responsible for all production activities including inventory management, quality control and production scheduling.
Kevin Clark – Tool Maker
Kevin is a Fitter & Turner and since his apprenticeship has being employed as a tool maker. For over 25 years Kevin has ensured all our tools are sharp and fit for purpose. Kevin designs and manufactures our tools in our in-house tool room. Kevin also leads the fabrication, installation and commissioning of most of our improvement initiatives.
Lei (Angela) Wang – Store
Angela has extensive experience in many industries. She is responsible for goods receipt and dispatch. As part of her role Angela ensures outward goods comply with all quality assurance documentation before dispatch.
Production Staff
Adam Beesley, Tina Marsden-Jones, Rocklyn Joseph D'Silva, Wei Dong (Luke) Liu, Meri Virikoto, Paul Cheng
Our hands-on staff are all experienced operators many of whom have worked for the business for over 10 years. There is no substitute for the skills these staff make available to our business.
Christine Balk – Accounts and Administration
Christine has extensive experience in book keeping and office management and has been keeping Universal Gaskets’ accounts for the last two years. Christine also manages all invoicing, courier bookings, ensures the office runs smoothly and assists other office staff with sales.

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What You Can Expect From Us

Performance, Focus & Quality

Universal Gaskets has a sophisticated production management system specifically designed and featured to manage our production process. The system generates work orders that specify the materials to be used and how they are to be prepared, the tools and machines to be employed to make the product and the quality assurance checks that are required at various stages of the production process. Specific safety and environmental risks are also managed via work orders.
The work order system, in conjunction with our scheduling and supply chain management approach, has achieved extremely high on-time delivery performance (100% on-time delivery with most of our Customers) and a low defect rate (less than 50 parts per million).
All our systems are under constant review by all our staff to make them the best that they can be to ensure that we offer our customers a competitively priced quality product on or before the agreed delivery date.

Intellectual Property Rights

Universal Gaskets is serious about its own and our customers’ intellectual property rights. Digital information is kept on our secure server that has restricted access privileges. Hard copy drawings and other documents are kept in a locked storage area. Our works are covered by a 24×7 back to base security system. Each employee is required to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their employment contract with us.
Customer specific tools; those designed and fabricated to meet our customers’ specific requirements, are not used for other customers wanting the same or similar parts.
Where we produce parts for an OEM, we are prepared to enter into arrangements whereby we only supply the after-market for spares through the OEM and we take these obligations seriously irrespective of the legal status of the arrangements.

Prompt Payment

Universal Gaskets relies on our suppliers to serve our customers and as such we respect our supplier relationships. To ensure we get the best of service in terms on price and delivery we pay all our accounts at the end of the month after delivery. We do not expect our suppliers to act as our bank however we do expect them to assist us support and serve our customers by giving us the their best price and delivering goods and services on time.


We take a broad view of privacy as part of our professional approach. All personal information is treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party unless we have been directed or have permission to do so.

All supplier prices and quotations are treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party. Customers’ prices and arrangements are treated similarly.

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To open a credit trading account please download and fill in the application and then submit below. Or you can email directly to Please read full terms and condition before submitting application.

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