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Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals are engineered to meet the demands of challenging sealing applications. Through the innovative use of materials, configurations, and custom designs for pumps, mixers, and agitators, Mechanical Seals can handle abrasive, viscous, or adhesive media. Our high-performance seals minimize equipment downtime, environmental leakage, and lost product.
To improve pump and mixer time between overhauls and reduce the total cost of ownership of specialized equipment, utilize the engineering and materials expertise of our mechanical seal range. Ideal for Food, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Asphalt, and Chemical Production, the Mechanical Seal portfolio is infinitely customizable.
The GMP and PK Face Seals are ideal for centrifugal pumps, high speed, and thin media.
Mechanical Seals with P/S Technology utilize flexible GYLON elements for a non-clogging design perfect for abrasive, viscous, or adhesive media, as well as offering high run-out capable solutions.

Mechanical Seals: Product

Cartridge Seals


PK Component Seals


The PK Seal features a single spring rubber bellows that will not wear the shaft or sleeve. It fits into shallow stuffing boxes and the flexible rotary face floats to compensate for misalignment.

Mechanical Seals: Products
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